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I downloaded the game file and installed the game. At the end of the installation GOG installer gives me the option to immediately launch the game - I do and it works fine. I played the tutorial then I went and chose a warband and play the game as intended. The problem is the second time I try to play the game.
The second time I played the tutorial again, it was fine. Then I try the "New Warband" and the interface took me to the screen where you get to "Choose your warband" just like I did on my first run. Here is the problem.
I click on a character -he screamed, the little white comet at the bottom right corner blazes away for a few seconds and then stops and nothing else happens. I tried the same with all the characters but the game does not load.
I can go back and it takes me back to the previous page. It does not crash or anything of the sort. It just does not let me chose a warband.
I thought that maybe the Windows Defender is blocking something after it was installed, so I re-installed the game and also ran the game as an administrator (as some suggested as I went online looking for solutions). I even added the executable "mordheim.exe" under the allowed application through Windows Defender firewall. Still the same issue.
I deleted the game again and installed through GOG Galaxy. I encountered the same problem.
I have over 600 games on my library (no, I have not tried all of them but many of them through the years) even other Warhammer titles like the last one I tried “Battlefleet Gothic – Armada” and it plays fine. Yet, this game was installed like all the others but is giving me this problem.
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