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I don't know if the devs are active around here, or if this is even the right place to bring up game bugs, but I'd just thought I'd get the information out somewere.

So I'm at the final part of the sub-quest to the "money" ending (the peace-treaty in hell) and it reaches the moment for the final choice (I assume) and the actual choice of options doesn't show up on the screen. It's just a blank space beneath the image. The game doesn't freeze or anything like that, I can still pause and move the mouse, but can't do anything to proceed with the story.

It's happened 3 times, including after I've reinstalled the game. Anyone else experiencing this? Would it help if I installed it trough GOG galaxy? Should I just wait till it gets patched?

It's the only bug Iv'e experienced so far, in this or any of the other Monster Prom games.
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