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:( I see many reporting a bug in SE of the first Monkey Island on the Safe opening, and that they easily fixed by going to classic mode. Sadly since I am running it in Wine on my Macbook I find the switch to classic doesn't work. I've tried the page up method I saw listed (nada) and my F1 has long been broken as a function key (all the OTHERS F keys you work as function key just fine.)

Is there a way to change what keys how to get into classic mode? OR can someone tell me if the game is saved somewhere I can move the game save to my PC version and finish the 'open the storekeeper safe' thing there? As far as I can see all the stuff is neatly packaged in the created app, so if I know where it would be on the PC equivalent I should be able to find it. However there are a lot of folders and I'm not sure what it looks like. Any advice?

It's been playing great in Wine on the Mac so far, be a shame if I have to abandon it over the silly safe bug.