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I want to transfer the savegames from my notebook to my pc but i cant find the savegames in appdata, game location, and my documents. Anyone knows where i can find the savegames?
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A Google search revealed that more people have had this problem, and apparently the savegames are "hidden" (Monkey 1 SE stores them in appdata, but there is no trace for Monkey 2). I don't know enough about software engineering to know how it is supposed to work.

There is also this website which may be of help: Apparently with that software you can extract files from Monkey SE 1 & 2, and one of the files that is shown in the screenshot is called "savegame". Worth a try if you can't find anything else?
take a look at the "monkey2.bin"-file in the game-directory. this should be your safe-file, as far as i can tell

@Caesar: the monkey-island-explorer from quickandeasy is a superb tool. i highly recommend all of their tools for lucas/telltale-games. but the explorer is only able extract files from the ressource-data of the game. savegames are always external files and not be found within the ressource-data.
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