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I have both games and am running Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Every time I go to launch the game I get a white box in the corner for a couple of seconds then an error MISE.exe has stopped working. I have tried running in Admin, I have tried running in every imaginable compatibility mode, I have gone in and changed the resolution in the ini file. I am at a loss at how to get this to run.
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Same problem with the steam version of both games.

They mentioned a "possible" solution: Reverting Nvidia drivers back to 368.81 haven't tried it myself.
I can confirm reverting back to 368.81 works.
This is also an issue with the latest AMD drivers, version 16.9.1 (sep 13). At least in Windows 10 x64 (all updates installed).

It used to work on Windows 10 x64. Now it doesn't. Crashes on launch with a "MISE has stopped working".

Exactly the same with the Steam version, too, as mentioned above.
Same here. Worked fine yesterday, Win 10 Anniversary Edition update installed overnight, now it just fails on launch.

Bit annoyed as I only bought it yesterday - 2 hours playing it now it's broke :(
I've sent this issue to GOG support a few days ago.

The were able to confirm that the launch-crash was happening with the new AMD drivers and that reverting to last months drivers for AMD (Non-WHQL-Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Crimson-16.8.2-Aug11) would fix the issue.

I reverted to July's 16.7.3, which also work ok with these games.

However, if the issue is with the new WDDM 2.1 driver model from Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607), which the new AMD and Nvidia (and any GPU) drivers are going to support, I think the issue will continue to exist in future driver builds unless AMD and Nvidia address this particular case with a bugfix or LucasArts (?) / Disney Interactive issue a patch.
Hmm... bummer (on the video driver thing - same issue here, recent AMD driver update for Win10 Anniversary).

Sounds like it might be time for people (like myself) on Windows 10 (for new games) to install VMware or VirtualBox and install a copy of an older version of Windows into the VM specifically for gaming. Top tip: you can run Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 in an un-activated state in a virtual machine indefinitely. You just won't be able to customize settings muhc, but for running old games, doesn't matter.

1. Set up windows (98, xp, 7 or 8.x) in a virtual machine with either VMware or Virtualbox.
2. Once installed before doing anything... run sysprep (google it) - wait for sysprep to shut the virtual machine down
3. take a snapshot of your VM - this will be your clone source for this version of Windows
4. whenever you need a new gaming VM or a testing VM for something, clone that snapshot to a new VM, install teh game, etc. copy the files into it from GOG or even install GOG into it to run old incompatible games.
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Even windows 10 would work as the driver of a vm is a emulation driver and has non of the issues that amd and nvidia have.

I can confirm that it works.

These special editions don't need a 3d graphics card to work, the vm driver is fine.
As yet another workaround, over at the Steam forums a user posted their own solution using enbseries and sweetfx.

It works, I've tested it with both Secret of Monkey Island and LeChuck's Revenge
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As an update to the above workaround, it turns out you don't need endseries nor the sweetfx files and shaders. You only need to copy to the games' directory the d3d9.dll from this page ("Skyrim Better Performance"):

The page says it works only with Nvidia cards but it works with mine which is an AMD GPU...-- the mod is also obviously intended for Skyrim... so I really don't know how or why it works, but yet it does :)
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PraetorianWolfie: [...]You only need to copy to the games' directory the d3d9.dll from this page ("Skyrim Better Performance"):
Finally I am able to play these games. Thank you! Working with AMD here too.
Any chance GOG can fix the compatibility problem?
Jonesy89: Any chance GOG can fix the compatibility problem?
I (or someone) could e-mail to their support the workaround with the 3rd party dll, although I am not sure how much they will be willing to adopt this as an official fix, since it's a third party dll file and therefore by default not necessarily from a "trusted" source.

However, perhaps they would be willing to reverse engineer that dll (if possible- I am guessing it's not going to be easy), and figure out what it does that makes the games run in its presence, so they could roll out a d3d9.dll of their own as a patch.

That is until AMD and Nvidia include a fix in their drivers for this particular case (if ever -- I don't think that they officially acknowledge it as an issue), or whoever the publisher for the MI Special Edition is these days releases a patch (again I think this is unlikely).
Jonesy89: Any chance GOG can fix the compatibility problem?
It might easier for them to just release the original versions of the game instead.

That's what I would prefer, any way...
Pseudoman: It might easier for them to just release the original versions of the game instead.

That's what I would prefer, any way...
I am guessing by original you mean the classic versions, correct? Then if you own the Special Editions, you already have access to them.

Those classic versions are contained in the Special Editions, archived in the main game's resource file, but perfectly intact otherwise. It's a 2-3 simple steps process to "expose" them and run them directly via ScummVM.

You basically need a fan made tool like bgbennyboy's Monkey Island Explorer and extract the "classic" folder from the game's resource file somewhere in your disk. Then you can import that folder into ScummVM and you are all set.

Furthermore, there is a fan made project (by LogicDeluxe), whereby if you own the Special Editions you can build talkie editions for Monkey Island 1 (classic) and Monkey Island 2 (classic). You will again need ScummVM for this. I think the MI1 project is in more mature state than the MI2 one -- I've only tried the MI1 Ultimate Talkie myself...
See here for details: