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Changelog for Patch 1.03a (Windows) (added 30 May 2016):

- Improved Chinese localization
- Fixed typos and missing text in Korean localization
- Fixed some background art issue in Lupiar/Magnolia's boss room
- Fixed the position of the version text displayed on the title screen

Changelog for Patch 1.03c/ GOG-4 (Windows) (added 19 July 2016):

- This update adds Chinese language support to the game.
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Changelog for Patch 1.042 / GOG-5 (Windows) (added 16 August 2016):


- Reduced the intensity of the "red flash" effect when the player is hurt. The death animation flash effect also was reduced.
- Made some changes to the room where you get the "Cinder Key" item.
- Added more details to the cutscene after the Whiteleaf Park boss battle.
- Added a new visual cue for the dash recharge.
- Made some input changes related to climbing ladders.
- Swapped Confirm/Cancel controller input for japanese players.
- Decreased the volume of the dagger reflection sound effect.
- Added extra anticipation frames to Fennel's jump attack animation.


- "Bat Head" enemies now only spawn when you are the edge of a screen, and always at the opposite side of where you are.
- You can now attack fire on the ground to put it out. It also won't hurt you if it's started fading away.
- Reduced the damage done by fire a little bit.
- Added more visual cues to Lubella's ground attack.
- Reduced the screenshake in Lubella's air attack.
- Made some changes to the pillar-spawning attack from the Heretical Arsonist, increasing the deacceleration of the balls when they get close to you. The pillars also spawn closer to the position where the balls stopped.
- The Heretical Arsonist now has a longer cooldown after throwing the teleport balls.
- Updated the Sacred Ordalia Grove background music.
- Changed the confirm/cancel input back to the way it was for japanese players.
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Changelog for Patch 1.04a / GOG-6 (Windows) (added 26 September 2016):

- Repurposed the Cinder Key item. That item is no longer necessary to progress through the game. The locked door was moved to block the access to an optional path in the Cinder Chambers area.
- Mouse cursor is no longer displayed if the game is in Fullscreen. It still shows up in Windowed mode.
- Decreased the volume of a couple of sound effects ("reflecting knife", and the "wall moving" sound).
- Fixed an issue some monitor setups had related to fullscreen only displaying black screen and audio.
- Fixed Italian localization issues.
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Changelog for Patch 1.04b / GOG-7 (Windows) (added 18 October 2016):

- Added support for Danish.
- Fixed some text issues in the Korean localization.
- Fixed some text issues in the Spanish localization.
- Fixed a bug that caused the mouse cursor to show up in full screen if you entered full screen by using the Alt+Enter shortcut.
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Changelog for Patch 1.04c / GOG-8 (Windows) (added 16 November 2016):

- Fixed a rare crash that happened when the player died during a room transition at the final area of the game.
- Fixed a grass positioning bug on some ledges of the forest area.
- Removed the leap attack from Raddish and Skeleton enemies.
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Changelog for Patch 1.04d / GOG-9 (Windows) (added 09 December 2016):

- Fixed an issue where arrows would not work correctly when both the "Drill Arrows" item and the "Quick Arrows" item were equipped at the same time.
- Fixed a framerate issue which happened to some players when you got the "Healthy!" achievement.
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Changelog for patch 1.04d hotfix / GOG-10 (Windows) (added 21 December 2016):

- Fixed an issue where the camera would be locked if you timed a screen transition with a roll just as the Edea/Frida bosses were defeated.
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Changelog for Patch 1.05 (added 09 August 2017):

- Improved the Spanish localization.
- Updated the title screen logos for both Korean and Chinese languages.

Changelog for Patch 1.05a (added 09 August 2017):

- First time boot of the game now has vsync enabled by default.
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Changelog for Patch 1.05b (added 11 September 2017):

- Fixed a room transition error.
- Fixed typos in the Spanish and German translations.
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Changelog for update / (Linux) (added 19 April 2018):

- Added the Linux version of Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight.
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Changelog for Update (added 26 April 2018):

- Added the macOS version of Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight.
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Changelog for Patch 1.06 (added 27 August 2018):

- Boss drop items are now cancelled only if you take damage during the fight (including self-damage, and poison).
- Easy difficulty adjustments: starting HP was changed to 48, and now Vitality Fragments add up to your HP until a maximum of 80. Previously, you started with 80 HP and Vitality Fragments didn't do anything. For a comparison, Normal difficulty starts with 30 HP, and Hard with 15.
- Higher HP absorption when using Red Ring or Torn Branch (7% of your maximum HP per enemy kill, compared to a fixed amount of 1 HP per kill previously).
- Added an effect to the first Bellflower tree to make its presence clearer.
- Added some minor shaking effect to the death animation of characters that have cat ears.
- Added a new anger effect to Alraunes.
- Added a new dialogue line to Cotillard for when you meet a very specific condition.
- Added some new dialogue to Prudence the Cat (that's the cat at the castle) as a hint for the True Ending.
- Updated the Bad Ending to make it clearer.
- Updated the item description for the Fresh Spring Leaf, as well as the text for the event where you get that item.
- Updated some tutorial text and the difficulty select text to make them clearer.
- (PC/OSX/Linux) Updated Xbox 360 controller prompts to Xbox One controller prompts.
- Changed the level design in a few rooms to make the platforming less annoying to traverse.
- Changed the position of the "dodge" tutorial message slightly.
- Changed the screenshake effect for Fennel's thunder attack.
- Changed character interactions with NPCs/in cutscenes. Now Kaho turns back to human if you talk to NPCs as a cat.
- Improved text localization for some languages (retranslations, typos, etc.)
- Improved Moka's colors slightly.
- Removed collision damage from the horizontal movement attack of the final boss.
- Fixed a rare bug that could lock the player inside a boat.
- Fixed a screen transition in the Park area that could lead to a softlock depending on how you traversed it.
- Fixed some missing graphic in one area of the frozen forest segment.
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Changelog for Patch 1.062 (added 25 October 2018):

- Fixed some situations where text would not display correctly in some languages.

- Fixed issues previously introduced by the 2018 patch, like incorrect text display on Linux and missing audio on Mac. Both versions are now on the latest 2018 patch.
Changlog for 1.0.63, please.
Copy-pasted from the Steam update thread...

What appears to be v1.063:
November 2020 update:
- Minor fixes (typos).
What appears to be v1.07:
November 2021 update:
- Fixed an issue where the final boss hitbox would be active between phase transitions
- Fixed an issue allowing the player to get a Crest Fragment and transition to another screen without triggering the cutscene
- Fixed a continuity error related to the NPC "Eri" when she appears in Karst City
- Improved visibility of item sparkles
- Improved visibility of Ivory Bugs
- Improved visibility of Pardoner Fennel's jump attack effect
- The Bellflower at the start of the game is now automatically equipped when you obtain it
- The Bellflower before the Moka boss fight was moved closer to the shortcut
- Ring of Candor now "beeps" several times when a secret is nearby
- Misc. audio improvements
- The third bow charge level now does much more damage
- Adjusted the colors of the Cat ability
- Bells are now displayed by a bell icon in the map, instead of a yellow square
- Adjusted the spawn location for the enemy in the room where you fight Frida, making it easier to complete Pacifist runs
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