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I mean, there are so many things to love about this game, the art style, the levels, the music, but then there is the most glaring issue in this game and that is the combat. So many problems with it, it really drags the game down.
The enemies do a crapton of damage while i barely do any to them, one attack from them can reduce my health 50% to 75% if not more. There is a parry system but i can get damaged even if i parry, and timing a parry is nearly impossible with faster enemies of when there are multiple enemies on screen. Dodging is also annoying especially when i dodge directly into an enemy because of contact damage, which also does a lot of damage compared to what healt i have.
The parry should really funtion as a block as weel when the button is held.
There is a level up system but i really cant see why, it really does nothing in this game, other than giving you a slight increase in health point, which mean absolutely nothing when enemies do a crapton of damage regardless.

Like i said, there is a lot to love in this game, but also a lot to hate, and most of the hate comes from the clunky combat.
I feel like the developers were trying to do a souls-like take on the Momodora formula.

I, for one, didn't find Minoria's gameplay that bad, even though I had hardly no experience with souls-like games before Minoria.

Sure, some enemies are pretty cheap, but, from my understarding, the Dark Souls enemies are also pretty cheap.
Technically the game isn't that hard as most enemies' pattern or attack method is depend on the distance meaning there is a slight room to manipulate them. This is more or less enough to make their attacks more teleographable and especially useful on earily bosses.

The lot of damage the player take isn't the HP's fault but the defense's by the way. As you level up and start gaining defense they will not do as much damage. At peak it is as difficult as Momodora 4 on hard but the bosses are a bit more tricky here if you decide to not overlevel them. If you like it hardcore there is a secret equipment right at the starting location that prevent experience collecting so you stick to level 1. I found it quite enjoyable how much the game requires no memorization of enemy patterns and you can simply rely on reflex and earily dodge cancels and parry.