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Minecraft: Story Mode - Adventure Pass

Hey, will this new season pass with MC episodes 6, 7 and 8 be on gog too? Its already on steam, but nothing here. Thx for answers.
It's out:
I have adventure pass and played through Episode 6 just fine.
Episode 7 has now been released, but it isn't in the game and just says "Purchase Episode 7" on the episode 7 page. Does anyone know what I need to do to get episode 7 to work?
It's ok. All sorted. Had to install the newer adventure pass installation file.
Would be handy if the episode downloaded in game rather than having to redownload the whole adventure pass installation, which is now increased in size to 1.4 gig
When i use adventure pass (installed it) It says i need to buy episode 7 "Access Denied" and episode 8 "A journeys end?"

please help i have minecraft story mode and adventure pass (GoG version)