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I retrieved the stone of opening from Mirabeth, but once I tried to gain access to the Temple of Yak, the guard still says I don't have the proper stone. I really hope this isn't a bug that is going to make me start all over.
Worst case scenario, you might be able to use a save game editor to fix the issue. Somewhere in this forum should be a link to the Xeen save game editor that's out there.

That said, I can vaguely remember having a similar problem where I thought I had the right stone for a given dungeon and it turned out that was a different stone for a different dungeon.
Or in this case the stone is correct, but the dungeon is wrong. Are you sure you're at E4 (4,4)?
100% positive. When I go to the temple, the black faced (Orc?) says "I don't have the proper stone, go away". I've seen several youtube videos of the location of the little blue temple, and know it's correct. Are there more than 1 Yak stone of opening keys that i'm unaware of?
Could you post your save game? Is it the full speech version?
It is the full speech version, but I'm not sure what you mean by posting the saved game.
Well, it turns out that it WAS my fault! Not sure how I was mistaking e4 for d4, but either way, its "fixed".. lol. Thanks for the help everyone.
xeenissue: It is the full speech version, but I'm not sure what you mean by posting the saved game.
I meant attaching your saved game file here so I could test it on my machine to see if it's a glitch or not. Anyway, glad it got fixed.