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Hey guys,

I installed the game and launched it afterwards, everything ran fine but as soon as I choose hardware acceleration in the setup the game flashes white every second or so but apart from that it runs fine.

Have you found a way to get hardware acc working?

My specs:
Windows 7 64 bit Prof
AMD Radeon 4770

If more is required just ask :)
Maybe use the Grayface patch. I have still some flashes too, but far less than you.
Those flashes seem come from a call to some in progress work code the dev forgot to remove.
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Oh, I forgot to mention that. I installed the Greyface Patch right after installing the original game.
Yup, I get flashes too but don't know what they're from.
What graphics card and OS are you using? maybe we can find some similarities.

I want to play with HW acceleration :(
I've got the same problem with Hardware Acceleration. I also have this issue with my CD Version of MM VIII.

Win 7 64bit, C2D T6600, Gforce 220m (Laptop)
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Maybe this is only affecting 64bit Win7 versions?

More input of other players would be great :)
Another user found that disabling crossfireX on his video cards solved the problem:

Not sure if people in this thread are running two cards or not, but if you are, try that for a fix.
I am only using one Rdeon 4770, but it might be a hint that graphic cards (settings) could be the problem. On the other hand SethAbsu is using a Geforce card and is having the same issues.
On WinXP I get white flashes too, but only when there are other windows open in background or when alt tabbing. With no other windows open I get no flashes.
Tried your suggestion and closed all background windows.

Sadly the flashes remain :(
I have the same issue running the game on an ASUS EEE PC 1005HA Netbook, Win 32 XP.

Additionally, the game crashes during Arcomage if I use hardware mode. Once I'm back home, I will try to fiddle around a bit. Maybe the crashes are not related ...
I'm having this issue too, but with MM8. Oddly, my movement is also buggy. It's as if there's a very strong wind to my left, but to my right I can move normally.

I'm on vista 64, ati radeon 5970. MM6 and MM7 (Granted, my MM7 is a retail CD installation that I had to jury-rig to work myself) don't have this issue.
Okay, I'm now using another PC, same graphics card (AMD Radeon 4770) but this time the processor is an Intel E6600 and not an AMD Dualcore. Win7 64bit remains and so do the white flashes -.-

But they seem to be a little less frequent now yet they are extremely disturbing and making my head ache. Did anyone have more success than me?
My browser is always open when I play a game. The white flashes, oddly enough, seem to coincide with updates on Facebook. If someone chats or writes a comment or I get a notification in some way, flash.