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Knight and Theif 67, Cleric and Mage 66

Light side, saved the spy.
I've finished it quite a few times over those years and my characters were at lvl 55-65, it depends on how much time I was willing to spend doing secondary quests.
Knight, Cleric, Archer, level 73 sorcerer 75. light side.
30-35 for all of the characters finishing the light side.
Light side, everyone (Hero, Master, Priest of Light, Archmage) level 60.
DaveO-MM: 30-35 for all of the characters finishing the light side.
Did you stay low on purpose? I can't imagine getting through the last few main-line-quest part and unintentionally not leveling up.
I usually finish around level 90 minimum. Never have been much of a speedrunner anyway.

Back in the day, some hardcore fans used to play "peasant games" - finishing the story at level 0. No joke. Here is info if you're interested in that sort of thing.
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I finished with knight-druid-sorcerer-cleric combo leveled up to 15. The point of keeping your level low is to finish the game in less time (training takes weeks at higher level).

With a druid you can get grand-master alchemy, which allows you to brew black stat potions so that you can get skill points from challenges. You need those skillpoints if you plan to keep your level low.

You need to max out bodybuilding on the knight to serve as a pool of hitpoints for the party to be accessed through a "shared life" and "regeneration" combo. You could probably do this with a monk too, but you would need more levels to get enough hitpoints.

Your cleric needs grandmaster body magic to prevent eradication via "protection from magic".

Your sorcerer needs grandmaster water and air to get invisibility, flying, town portal, and lloyds. Also, grandmaster water gives you a nice damage dealer in the form of poison spray if you go light (dark gets shrapmetal, which is better). If I recall correctly all horseshoes went to the sorcerer.

This was all quite some time ago, so I don't remember how frustrating it was to clear the lincon with that group. It was definitely possible though. I ran away a lot.
One time about 10 years ago I managed to finish at level 107ish. Knight, Cleric, Sorcerer, and Thief. :)
Lol, this guy looks like he's thinking: "WTF?! When do they end?"

I remember on my first game of MM6 I ended with my characters in the low level 130s. That was the most I ever leveled in a M&M game. In MM7 I finished with level 70s. Big difference!
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On an average run of MM6 I ended at 60~70ish. For MM7 it was 65~75ish. MM8 was the same as MM7.

In MM6 once you got a bunch master level skills, a character's level stopped being that important. The same was basically true in MM7/MM8 with Grand Master skills.