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I did some searching and found this:
"The soundtrack consists of three components: a General MIDI music track, incidental sound effects, and, on the CD edition, full voice for all in-game dialogue. The music is cheesy and repetitive, but it still adds to the mood of the game and doesn't get on your nerves. Sound effects are loud and somewhat crude (figuratively and literally; the city guard on the Darkside says "Fuck off" if you don't have a pass to that city), including both incidental sound effects and some short speech clips. The full voice is handled somewhat oddly, increasing the difficulty of retrogaming, as each voice sample is set up as a Red Book CD audio track on the CD rather than as a sample, requiring the use of the original CD (which the CD version will not function without)."
There is no trace of the CD images in GOGs version, so I must assume they are missing the additional in-game voice acting after all.
Is there perhaps a technical problem that prevents the inclusion of the voice acting? From what I can find, "World of Xeen" consists of 2 CDs, both containing Red Book audio tracks. This means you would probably have to exchange the CDs during the Game.
This is perfectly possible within DOSBox, but would leave many players unfamiliar with DOSBox confused when they are promptet to exchange CDs. Perhaps that is the reason why GOG staff decided to use the non-talkie version.
Needless to say I would much prefer the talkie version. Is there some way this could be made possible? Thank you and best regards.
This question / problem has been solved by Paczykimage
Thank You for putting this in to our attention.
The reason for all this confusion is that there are some voiced dialogues in the game which made me believe that this is what You were talking about.
Hoverer Might and magic VI Limited Edition didn't have this version included so GOG's realise is still the complete one.
We will look closely into this and if there will be no technical/legal reasons against, the current World of Xeen will be replaced with the fully voiced one.
Edit: I just wanted to add that this have to be confirmed for sure, for now I am just assuming that the World of Xeen in the Limited Edition (which we have) isn't the 2CD one.
Post edited September 03, 2009 by Paczyk