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Hi! I just finished Clouds of Xeen (i.e. first part of World of Xeen). I wonder: Should I restart with new characters when I go to Darkside and finish that?

I just hope the game won't be too easy (I enjoy being weak in the beginning and then become gradually more powerful) but maybe Darkside is designed for highlevel characters?

My characters are level 17.

Any advice appreciated! :)

Post edited March 21, 2018 by spartacus123
I'd recommend you use the same characters. They will be strong in a couple of the first locations, but will quickly find some powerful opponents that will crush them to dust :)
Darkside can accommodate both lvl1 and lvl20 characters. There are a few puzzle/non-combat quests in the first town that give millions of XP. The enemies might be a bit more of a struggle at lvl1 than the corresponding monsters in Vertigo at the same level, but nothing that is not manageable. I advise you to start your Darkside journey at the level you finished Clouds at. The first town will be very easy, but the difficulty should catch up long before you reach the second one. Plus, you get to save all the money from Darkside that you would have otherwise have to spend on training.
Thanks for the help, guys! I will continue with my current characters then and I look forward to be crushed :D