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Hi there,

I decided to do another WoX run, but it seems my robber is getting way too much XP. While my other characters have around 12 - 14 k XP, my robber already has 48 k!
Is this a bug? I finished the games many years ago and can't remember if I had the problem back then.

What I realized is that opening doors and chests gives your robber experience - but over 35k more than my other characters?

So, as I said, is this a bug or is this intended?

Thanks for your help!


Ok, I just opened a door and my robber got 2,5k XP just for, well, opening said door. This can't be correct, at this rate he'll outlevel my other characters like crazy!
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It will only be a factor in the beginning of the game, before you find all sorts of stuff that gives you several extra levels in one go.
It's intended. Don't worry. Be aware that XP required per level up doubles until you need 1,024,000 XP per level so the XP difference won't matter too much.
Other classes get more hitpoints and extra attacks faster or spellcasting, robbers level up faster to even out something of this.
The higher level is useful for using items which cast level dependent spells, so if you find a gem of elements or a scroll of enchant item your higher level robber will produce better effects for example.
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Phew,, I was really worried that I couldn't play the game again because of some crazy XP bugs.

Thanks for your quick replies, you really helped me out there :).
They do level up a bit faster, but they need it since they take all sorts of damage from trapped doors, switches, beds, etc.