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Most of my party is level 7 and all I do is roam around just outside of sorpigal. Could someone give me some direction on where and what to do next. Thanks, your input would be invaluable.
Did you explore everywhere inside Sorpigal? In the caves beneath Sorpigal someone will give you a quest to take a letter to another town.

Explore the area north or north-west of Sorpigal. There you will find a Merchant's Pass which will give you access to the Lords' Castles. They will give you quests.
Having reached lvl 7 you should be able to survive most things, or teleport away if things get too tough.

Since there is no automap, I strongly suggest making your own maps, or you risk getting lost.
Screen cap (CTRL-F5) all interesting text, or write it down, since there is no journal or auto-notes.

The game is area scaled. which means the monsters' levels are tied to which area in which they are found.
Explore everywhere, but if an area seems to tough, retreat and try another area.
The game is very unlinear, and there is no hand holding.
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