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Hi all,

I have the following situation:

If i download MM8 in English, Hardware 3D is available in Setup and everything works well.

- GOG Galaxy: If I switch to (or download in) German and I try to to start the game, it won´t start (crash) and tells me that files are missing (image mm8error).
When I start the mm8.exe again immediately it will work, but after that there is no hardware 3D available in setup and it works only in software mode (image MM8software).
- When downloading manually from, the German version of MM8 will work fine.
2)If i install grey 2.0, there wont be hardware 3d for both English and German versions (image MM8software).

MM7 works well with Hardware 3D in any language and after grey patch.
Do you have any ideas how to fix it?

My Rig: Phenom II X4 965, Nvidia GTX 660

EDIT: After some trial&error I realised that hardware 3D is active in game, but it won´t show up in the setup menu. In software mode there are no graphical options like blood or lights, but in game this options are available. If I click in setup on software mode I cannot switch back to hardware 3d without reinstall, though. Therefore now it´s a minor problem ;-) But the Galaxy Issue remains.
mm8error.jpg (61 Kb)
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