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Having seen the recent topic about killing MM6 titans at level 1 (even if the topic disappointingly had no real discussion about it), I have thought of a challenge for one of the Might and Magic games I am familiar with. It is as follows:

* Play Darkside alone; you are not allowed to combine it with Clouds. (I believe that the non-talkie version of World can be turned into Darkside alone by deleting or renaming a certain file; if you do this, the title screen will change, a new game will start you in Castleview with a level 5 party, and the pyramid that normally takes you to Clouds will not work.) Note that this rule means that you can't get the Xeen Slayer Sword, and it also means you can't use the +50 level well.

* No training. Entering a training hall is technically permitted, but you are not allowed to have anyone train to gain levels. This means that, unless you can find other ways to boost your level, you are stuck at level 5 for the entire game.

* Other means of boosting your level, whether permanent or temporary are allowed. If that's too easy, try disallowing permanent boosts (or disallowing temporary boosts, if you prefer). Note that the +50 level well is not accessible due to the first rule, as the Dragon Tower is in Clouds of Xeen and hence not accessible. (Incidentally, the Dragon Clouds are treated as being on Darkside; graphics, sound, and the enemies that appear are taken from MM5, and Town Portal warps you to the MM5 towns.)

* Your quest is complete once the Mega Dragon is dead.

So, how does this challenge sound?

(I have heard about the Mega Dragon being beaten with a party of naturally level 1 characters, but that was done with both games linked and the player *did* use that +50 levels well.)

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dtgreene: Note that this rule means that you can't
ZFR: Did you forget to finish your
Oops! Thanks for pointing this out. (I have edited the post to complete the incomplete sentence.)