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When I fight in arena at lord level after I win I go talk to guy at the entrance and When i chose we won nothing happens. Cant turn in for reward and am unable to finish Gladiator promotion quest.
Any ideas on how to work around this bug? I really want to finish the gladiator promotion quest.
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Currently playing this game as well and just did this today. There didnt seem to be anything that happened after getting the line We Won as an option in the dialog. However I checked my journal and it says I completed the quest and need to turn in. I havent turned in yet but check your journal and see if it says completed.

There are lots of bugs in this game and I fear I may not be able to finish it myself. I am supposed to get something from a monk and he keeps saying he has a job for me and all I can say back is "thanks for your time". Not to mention my one warrior never got promoted and now never can so he is still at basic level. Yet I love it enough to keep going.