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Source: Might and Magic X: Project Update June 1st, 2012

Might and Magic X
Press Release: June 1st, 2012

Might and Magic X: Children of the Void

Want to Help Develop MMX?

If you are interested in helping us make MMX, we have the following jobs available. Although we are on the right path, we still need all the help we can get and there are some jobs that have not yet been filled. Please post an inquiry on our forums or contact me at if interested.

• 2D Graphic/Concept Artists
• User Interface Designer
• Cartographer
• Programmers
• Sound Effects Designers
• 3D Modelers/Animators/Texture Artists
• Professional Writers

“A personal thank you to all who apply!” –MMXAlamar

Project Update: June 1st, 2012

During the past month of May the developers of Might and Magic X have been organizing into separate departments and holding numerous department meetings to discuss our design ideas for the game and its production. We have five different departments: level design, programming, graphic design, sound design, and writing. Each department has a leader and these leaders, as well as other department members, organize meetings and help to get everyone on task with game development.

Current Project Status

• Modeling prototype sewers level.
• Designing town of Rhanwall.
• Designing landmass of Noramira.
• Programming basic game functionality.
• Working on game mechanics. (Player Characters, Spells, Potions, Bestiary)
• Creating Sound Design Document.
• Creating Music Design Document.
• Brainstorming and writing story for the beginning of MMX.
• Each developer is writing an essay on their ideas for the style, atmosphere, and gameplay.
• Assigning developers access to file share and task manager on the MMX website.

Future Project Goals

• Finish programming basic game functionality and move on to more complex programming.
• Finish modeling the sewers.
• Begin working on a tutorial level.
• Block out and finalize the design plans for Rhanwall.
• Begin working on design plans for other dungeons in Noramira.
• Generate player character portraits and paper dolls.
• Start creating user interfaces and game menus. (UI artist needed!)
• Rewrite and finalize the first act of Might and Magic X.

Game Design

We are continuing to chip away at a game design document, and in the process have decided to keep the game functionality as close to MM6-8 as possible. There will however be elements from MM9, as well as MM3-5 incorporated, in addition to some of our original ideas for MMX. As for a physical game design document, this will not be written until we’ve worked out most of the game’s functionality, so it will be more of a recap of our design choices.


A major decision we have made regarding the style elements of MMX is to bring back the 3d animated interior render screens from MM6-8 that appeared when you would visit a shop, temple, inn, or prepare to enter a dungeon. We have a designated 3D modeler working solely on these screens. Also, we are planning our own presentations for a style meeting which will occur near the end of the month, as to give everyone time to finish their ideas for what MMX should look and feel like.

Game Engine

Another critical design decision we have finally come to a consensus on is our game engine. We have decided to go with V-Engine, an indie game engine still in development, but very well suited to our needs. The benefits of licensing with V-Engine will allow us to get around the limitations with regards to texturing, lighting, shading, and more, that are present in using the free version of Unity. The MMX team is going to pitch in to purchase a license for this engine, which will allow us to retain our nonprofit status. You can visit the website for V-Engine here:

Programming & Level Design (Prototype Sewers Level)

We have finally begun designing an actual level, with 3D graphics and models, and this level will be used as a prototype for implementing basic game functionality from the programming side. We currently have one brave soul on the programming team and he is doing a fantastic job of planning and mapping out how the programming will be done for MMX.

Our prototype is going to be a sewers level, as every Might and Magic game contains one of these. Again, the purpose of the prototype sewers level is to create an easy to make, functional indoor level with which we can implement basic game mechanics and functionality. From here we will expand on level design and start modeling a tutorial level, landmass, towns, and more complex dungeons. The sewers will be a prototype level for the developers of MMX only, and not to be released to the public. In the future we will begin work on putting a tech demo together.

Spellbook Images Released for Your Feedback!

One of our 2D artists, Marko Markovic, has been working very hard on the spellbook images, and we’d like to showcase them for your feedback. Please check them out on our Facebook page: Spell Book Images

New MMX Soundtrack!

Check out our newest soundtrack “Sailing Sunsets” by Jorem Lim:

Thank you all very much for staying with us for so long, and I assure you that you will soon see us reap the rewards of our long hours and days spent keeping MMX alive and bringing it into reality. Let us drive this project into the future and make this game the best it can possibly be!


MMX Alamar
Might and Magic X Project Leader
Post edited June 02, 2012 by MMXAlamar