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Might and Magic X
Press Release: July 1st, 2012

Might and Magic X: Children of the Void

Project Update: July 1st, 2012

The month of June has been incredibly productive, and we have been making progress on putting our first levels together in preparation for a demo release in early 2013. The demo will be our tutorial level and contain one dungeon and one region–this will be very similar to Emerald Isle in Might and Magic 7, except with a different storyline. Several of our 3d modelers are on vacation for the entire month of July, however, we still have a few still working, and our art department is completely present.

July 2012 Project Status

• Create the tutorial level.
• Story outline for tutorial level is 100% finished.
• Tutorial region map is 100% finished.
• Tutorial level dungeon is 90% finished.
• Region landmass is in progress.
• Concept art for buildings, NPCs, monsters, etc. is in progress.
• NPC and shopkeeper dialogues are in progress.
• Programming roadmap is in progress and we have moved from Github.
• Several new 2d concept artists have joined the MMX team. Welcome aboard! smile

July 2012 Project Goals

• Finish tutorial level dungeon and start implementing enemies to fight.
• Finish region landmass and start importing primitives and decorating the land.
• Finish tutorial guide dialogues, shopkeeper dialogues, and general NPC dialogues.
• Finish an outdoor soundtrack and a dungeon soundtrack for the tutorial level.
• Finish ambient sounds for different areas of the tutorial level.
• Generate concept art for buildings, interior areas, static objects and props, characters, and NPCs.
• Continue working on world map of Iranese.
• Continue working on main storyline.
• Continue working on layouts and ideas for future level design.
• Continue programming roadmap.
• Continue brainstorming new ideas to implement in MMX.

Game Engine

We will be using V-Engine as our game engine. Here is their website:

2d, 3d & 3d Animated Shops and Building Interiors Plan

In MM6-8 you clicked on the door to a shop and it opened up an interface where you could view and purchase items. MMX will have these, and you will be able to click on the door of a shop and be brought into what we call a 3d animated shop interface. Houses will not be this way, and you will actually be able to enter them, like in MM9. Other locations, such as the town hall, a university, training halls, temples, taverns, stables, shipyards, and banks will be designed in 3d with interiors, and you will be able to walk inside them. This, we believe, will provide the experience of MM6-9 very well and you will get the best of both worlds. The famous voice acting when you enter a shop/location will be still present, whether the location has an interior or not. This will be implemented later down the road.

Magic Guilds / Temples Fusion

We will be combining our temples and magic guilds together, and they will each be dedicated to a God from Axeoth (the Gods from MM9). This means you will be able to heal, buy spells, and learn magic all in one location.

• Elemental Temple – Ratatosk
• Water Temple – Botandr
• Spirit Temple – Bori
• Light Temple – Fre
• Dark Temple – Skraelos
• Nature Temple – Igdra

Sparring Circles

These are mini-arenas in every training hall, and they will be the “Pokémon badges of training halls.” You must win them all across the lands of MMX before you can enter into the main arena, which will be located in Battlepeak, Tribal Lands.


Thanks to your valuable feedback, we have begun redesigning the spellbooks and we will continue to make revisions and generate new spell icons.


We will be broadcasting an MMX Livestream every weekday at 4:00pm GMT for approximately one hour. The Livestream is hosted by Corry Hinks and he brings guests from the MMX team with him for interviews, Q&A, and behind-the-scenes previews of production. Check out our channel here (all videos are saved and archived):

Thank you so much for following us and being our fans. We will not disappoint you !!!


President of Might and Magic X