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Hi everyone,

We have gone through some of the soundtracks for the Might and Magic series. Basically, we have taken some of the soundtracks and spruced them up a bit, cleaning them up from any possible corruption/quality issues, and retagging.

Might & Magic 6 through 9 had their soundtracks cleaned up/reworked. Please feel free to let us know if we can make them even better :D.
SirEyeball: is this in game or the extras?
storvik: Hi,

I have just downloaded MM7 and started it up. The music comes in very loud straight away and when I go to the settings and move the slider down, it makes no difference at all.
I can't have that loud music on while I play, but I'd rather not have to switch off all sounds.
Any advice?
Have you tried turning down the volume in your Windows sound mixer settings? I think you can turn down the volume for the game itself once you have the sound mixer and the game open.
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