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Ossie1972: So most recent base mod file seems to be updated to 5/7/2021, but the community fixes are only updated to a 12/7/2020 version which is no longer available on the base mod file site. Any most recent up-to-date comprehensive instructions for both base mod and community fix with currently available files?
Follow the instructions and download from here

It has the up to date links.

Your best shot for ongoing conversations about updates is probably on celestialheavens in this thread:
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Does the merger involve having the same party through all three merged games?
islavin2011: Does the merger involve having the same party through all three merged games?
At the start of the game you create your own party of 1-5 characters. All characters can be dismissed once you reach the hiring building as seen in MM8 (can't remember the name of it right now). Of course, you cannot dismiss them all at once, but you can replace any and all characters as long as you have at least 1 character in the party).

You switch between continents rather seamlessly with no impact on your party.

The only thing worth noting is that your promotion quests and classes depend on what continent you start on (decide between Antagarich, Jadame and Enroth). A sorcerer created in Enroth will be able to learn both light and dark to master level, but never GM in any of those, while a sorcerer created in Antagarich can choose between learning (and becoming GM) in either light or dark magic, but not both.

Interestingly, druids can GM all magic schools except light/dark (which they cannot learn at all).

All this information is based on a possibly outdated mod that i installed about a year ago.
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Agreed I'm loving playing this mod! I wish SOMEONE in my mm8 class list could get Grand-Master alchemy though :P