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In the GOG store page for Might and Magic 1, the first static picture is a screen shot of the game running windowed with a map, and several other windows showing Cleric and Mage spell numbers, and various stats and values....

Uh, what the heck is this? I can't find any thing on what this is, or where it is, or if its a mod, or if its one of the applications included in my MM1 folder that my Windows laptop says it cant run....

2 questions...

1 What the heck is this?

2 How can I get it or use it, and why is GOG showing this in the Store page? Is included with the game and requires some program I do not have?
This question / problem has been solved by PetrusOctavianusimage
Which one? This is the only MM1 image I see on store page?
Sounds like it could be screenshots of the game being played while using We Are Here.
I haven't seen the screenshots, not tried that program, so it's pure guessing, though.
Here is the image.

Its not in the store page actually, its on the launch page of the game itself when you have it installed.

I made a screenshot and cropped it to upload so you guys could take a look.
mm1.jpg (152 Kb)
Ah yes, that is "Where Are We", all right.
PetrusOctavianus: Ah yes, that is "Where Are We", all right.
Looked for it on the web, found it, installed it, and wow, this works great!!!!

Beautiful add on to not only MM1-5 but also Wizardry 1-5 and Bards Tale 1-3!

What a fantastic program!!!!

Why is this not a sticky for the Might and Magic forums???

Thanks for the info, i appreciate it!