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Hey folks out there,

I've fallen in love with M&M IV+V, World of Xeen and am wondering something pretty simple. Is there any way to carry/play the early M&Ms on a USB flash drive and play it off of that? Having the save file and like automatically write to my USB key? I work at a company that has an HDD sheriff which restores the HDD daily, so I am not able to install anything on my work machine.

Also I have down time, so playing games is totally acceptable! Have no moral qualms about helping me do this.

Thanks folks!
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The only challenge I see for playing the games on a USB drive would be installing DOSBox and installing the games to the USB drive. Given how much capacity you can get, your goal should be pretty easy to achieve.
I can only comment on MM3, and the answer here is "that's trivial!" Sadly, my main computer is dead for now so I can't give you detailed instructions, but it is pretty much enough to copy both MM3 and Dosbox to the USB drive, edit the .conf file to only use relative paths (I am almost sure the default configuration already satisfies this) and write a .bat file to start the game (the contents of the .bat file are the same as the contents of the shortcut, except that relative paths are used instead of absolute).
Yeah, pepak's instructions should work. The only thing I would add is that you might need to be careful about savegames if you are running Vista or Windows 7. Sometimes these operating systems will redirect your save files without asking you to a virtual store location. To avoid this, make sure you are running the game from somewhere OTHER than program files (which you will be since it will be on a USB stick) and also make sure you are running the game as administrator. Then it should store the save files in the game directory, which is on the stick.

You should test it out to make sure the saves are working before you play too far.
Thanks everyone who posted. I'll go and look up how to do this. It probably won't be for a couple days, but I'll come back and update when I do. I'm really hoping it's possible to get this going hassle free.

I'm also not really sure about how to do the solution thing, so I just marked pepak. Hope it doesn't ruffle anyone's feathers!
Hey there.

Checking in to say that... I'm technically retarded. Can someone please walk me through making a .bat file? I tried googling around for the directions but I'm coming up with nothing.
open up notepad and type in this:

dosbox -conf dosbox.conf

"dosbox.conf" is the name of your configuration file. Save it as .bat inside the directory where both dosbox.exe and your config are located. Afterwards you just run the .bat file and you're all set
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