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As the question beggends, i know from mm6 that in that specific game you do not get stats retroactively, meaning you SHOULD do promotion quests as early as possible, not only for the xp and quik stats, but because it will aid you in the whole game.

So do any1 know? is it non-retroactively in all the mm series?
Don't know about 8, but you do get stats retroactively in 7.
Its 7 im playing atm now anyway so thats good :)

i hate when your doing some of the hardest promotion quests with your knight and your healer level 6 still cus u want to max out on stats :p

funny how much ive played this without knowing that though :D
Post edited October 31, 2012 by tsgnurk
Promotions only give you more hp/sp and in 7&8 allow higher level skills. And they give hp/sp retroactively.
I should think so, otherwise skills like Bodybuilder would be very ineffective.