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Hello all,

Fired up MM8 as I'm about to jump into this one and noticed that on my screen the resolution is really, really small. I looked in the GOG folder in the setup for some resolution options and couldn't find anything in the video options in the game that lets you choose a specific resolution of any kind either.

I know you can set in the NVidia control panel to have your video card scale applications to fit the screen but I am unable to do this globally in this case because I am also playing the original "Witcher" game and I am using a 16:10 aspect ratio. some bad video glitches are introduced on that game unless I tell my video card to leave the scaling alone. Also I have a couple other work related pieces of software that don't like the artificial scaling.

Is there a way to set scaling values for one program rather than globally? Even better would be if there was a way to set a specific resolution like you can in DOSBox. I have a 24" monitor and don't like how old games look at full screen either... too doughy or badly pixelated. I usually set them to about 1024x768 in DOSbox and the game is large enough for me without looking too bad from artificially increasing the size . Any way to do this kind of thing in the video card settings or in MM8 itself?

I can't find anything other than the global settings in the Nvidia control panel but was hopeful that there may be a run command line I could add to the desktop shortcut or something to set the resolution on a per application basis. I would prefer to avoid having to play with control panel settings every time I want to play this one game. Thanks for any assistance guys!
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I thing f4 toogles windowed mode and you should be able to do what you want by creating a profile for MM in the Nvidea Controll pannel but I'm not sure it has been quite a while since i used it.