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As many of you may know, there are two versions of Might And Magic 4-5 World Of Xeen installed when you download it. One is:

Might And Magic 4-5 World Of Xeen
and the other is
Might And Magic 4-5 World Of Xeen (Full Speech)

I had started a game years ago w non-voiced Xeen. Naturally, when I found out there was a full-speech version of this game, I got it up and running with a new game and was delightfully surprised that this existed.

But when I tried to copy over my old saves from the non-speech version of the game into the speeched version, I was met with disappointment. Either the speech didn't play, or it only played whatever line had played first, and proceeded to keep playing that line.

I'm led to believe the save-game versions of World Of Xeen (non-CD and CD) are not compatible with each other.

Maybe I'm missing a step?

any advice / support would be appreciated!
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There is a utility to convert SAV files to WOX files call SAV2WOX. See this thread--