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EDIT: Forgot to include in topic title that this is a MM7 question.

I'm trying a solo Knight (now Champion), and he's doing very well, well, was doing very well until he ran into foes with kill attacks, e.g. Blood Titans and Minotaur Lords. What I've been unsuccessfully trying to find out is whether Body, or any, Resistance can help against these attacks. I could go through the long, labourous task of shooting them down, but having just finished the game with an Archer, I'd much rather do melee combat, if it is at all feasible against these opponents without the Cleric's GM Protection From Magic.

Would appreciate any helpful lore on this.
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Protection from magic will help you with that so I guess you need to stock up on scrolls, or potions but I'm not sure if hat comes in potion form. I'm not sure if scrolls or potions cast them at GM level though.
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Have you tried Preservation spell from Spirit Magic?
Becasue spell description say it's keep soul in case of massive damage which usually kill with one hit.
AFAIK body resistance works just like any other resistance, it reduces damage from "body" element (like harm, flying fist and stuff). It has no effect on special status effects like death or eradication. So basically protection from magic is your only protection (except save - reload).
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Thanks for responding, all.

Realizing there was no tolerable solution I've abandoned MM7 for now and moved on to Alpha Centauri, MM8, Master of Magic and Freespace 2 (oh, the nostalgia!) - I love
Raising your luck should also increase your chance to avoid status effects.
I think resistances influence if you take damage and how much while luck helps to avoid harmful side effects when you take damage.
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