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dtgreene: In Might and Magic 2, you actually can get an item to have up to 255 charges. They did, however, do something like that with the enchantment bonus of an item; items can go up to +63, and the other two bits are used for the alignment restriction. There's no overflow check there, so enchanting an item past +63 will cause its alignment restriction to change. Also, if the value in this byte is 255, the game treats the item as cursed. (Note that Uncurse Item doesn't actually remove the curse, as it sets the charge count, rather than the bonus, to 1.)

MM3-5 are better with overflow checks; you simply can't charge an item past 63 charges. (There are still some overflows in the code, however, and Swords of Xeen's scripting can trigger overflows in a few cases as well.)

By the way, has anyone tried running this editor on Swords of Xeen? It's based off the same engine, so it could be reasonably expected to work.
dominikabra: Didn't have a clue about the "of Beacons" stuff appearing in shops, tbh. Did you get that from the Wiki?

Would have gone with advowson and the 2^6 bit limitation, but if M&M2 already had 255 as limit, then it will probably be more aligned with the alignment.

Haven't tried with Swords of Xeen, sorry, only with the World of Xeen available here on GOG. If I get the chance, I'll get back to you.
I just figured it out on my own (though I might have read about the idea of checking the shops each (10 day) week).

The GOG version does include Swords of Xeen, and it's one game that, due to the issues it has, one might need an editor for.
Does this editor work with World of Xeen (4+5) here from GOG please?
Thank you for this. Looking forward to trying it.
Nice! I always used UGE, but this might be easier to configure for new players.
One issue I'm noticing is that the characters in slots 2 and 5 are suddenly no longer earning battle XP. Very strange.
I'm trying to use this save game editor. I heard Xeen could support 7 party members to a limited extent, and I wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, I can't get any games to load up. All my files are .wox and not .sav. Is it because it's a GOG download? Anyone know how I can solve it?