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Hey all

anyone come across this issue if applying the widescreen fix recently?
Post edited September 21, 2021 by _gadget_
Manu270891: I managed to make MGS 1 work with the Widescreen patch by nemesis2000:

1- Download Nemesis2000's widescreen patch and create a "scripts" folder in the installation directory. Extract "mgs1w.dll" and "mgs1w.ini" to this newly created "scripts" folder and rename "mgs1w.dll" to "mgs1w.asi". The password to extract "mgs.7z" is "mgs".

2- Download ThirteenAG's Ultimate ASI Loader (32-bit) and extract "dinput8.dll" to the installation directory. Then, rename "dinput8.dll" to "dsound.dll".

3- Edit the "mgs1w.ini" file to change the resolution to the smallest possible resolution for the aspect ratio of your monitor, for example, 1280x720 for 16:9 monitors. Then, change the letterboxing option if you want to. Selecting a higher resolution in this .ini file makes cutscenes lag when subtitles are shown. Don't worry, the resolution can be forced through dgVoodoo, which doesn't affect the performance.

4- Delete the existing "mgsvideo.cfg" and "mgsvideo1.cfg" files in the installation directory.

5- Download dgVoodoo. First, install dgVoodoo by extracting it to any folder of your choice. I use "C:\Program Files (x86)\dgVoodoo". Then, copy the "D3DImm.dll" and "DDraw.dll" files located in dgVoodoo's "MS\x86" folder to the game's installation directory ("ddraw.dll" will be replaced). Then, launch "dgVoodooCpl.exe" as admin, click "Add" and select the game's installation directory so a dgVoodoo profile is created for MGS. Select the DirectX tab, force the desired resolution and uncheck "dgVoodoo Watermark". Texture Filtering, MSAA and VSync can also be forced, although MSAA can cause some small graphical glitches and stuttering when launching the game (it lasts for a few seconds).

6- Launch the game and check if a black bar appears in the bottom of the screen. If that's the case, you must rename "dsound.dll" (originally "dinput8.dll") to any of the sugested filenames on the ThirteenAG's Ultimate ASI Loader's download webpage. Don't use any filenames that could replace existing files.

7- When the widescreen patch is working, delete the "dxcfg.exe" and "dxcfg.ini" files from the installation folder, they are useless now.

dgVoodoo fixes all the slowdowns caused in menus, cutscenes with enabled captions and underwater sections. I don't know which dgVoodoo version GOG used, but the REAL dgVoodoo fixes all these issues.

You should end up with these new/modified files in the installation folder
1- "D3DImm.dll" -> dgVoodoo Wrapper (new file).
2- "DDraw.dll" -> dgVoodoo Wrapper (modified file).
3- "dgVoodoo.conf" -> dgVoodoo Wrapper Profile (new file).
4- "dsound.dll" (Or whatever filename is working for you) -> Ultimate ASI Loader (new file).
5- "\scripts\mgs1w.asi" -> ASI Script for widescreen (new file).
6- "\scripts\mgs1w.ini" -> ASI Script for widescreen settings (new file).

You should remove these files in the installation folder:
1- "mgsvideo.cfg" -> Video settings for MGS without widescreen patch.
2- "mgsvideo1.cfg" -> Video settings for MGS with widescreen patch.

I also noticed that the "demo\s0503a1.dmo" file is not the same as the retail version. If anybody knows what they changed, it would be great to know.

Here are two 4K screenshots from the first section of the game:
This should be stickied. I even used Xpadder for the rotational joysticks of my Xbox 360 controller for much more comfortable play, however I am glad it got as far as it did before being upped to 4K here, great work from GOG and the modders.