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DreamedArtist: ...
tfishell: Thanks. Maybe send this to Konami Support?
better not, we are responsible for the technical part, not Konami ;)
I'm monitoring this thread and we'll see what can and cannot be addressed next week
Software mode crashes should now be fixed in 1.0 hotfix
To folks with stealth mode lag (in base game, not VR) - are you running unmodified GOG build? This issue should be fixed in our version.
Though we are still going through reported issues, I can give you a small update what cannot be considered a bug, but rather PSX - PC port difference.

No Subtitles on cutscenes.
Subtitles during normal cutscenes work fine (when turned on in options). Captions in FMV footage was never present in PC version and are not rendered at all by the game. This cannot be fixed.

Water in intro area has no effect for movement
That was a PSX-only feature, same as motion blur and several other filters.

Black bar at the bottom
This is not a bug. Original PSX version run at 320x224. PC port has been made to run at 640x448 to maintain original aspect ratio. Forcibly removing it would mean stretching the game vertically (~7%) and as of now we decided against that.

We cannot reproduce Decoy Octopus crash (or skipping cutscenes crash), but we're still trying ;)
Thanks for your patience (and bug reports). I'll pass more info once I have it.
Second hotfix should help with skipping cutscenes crash.