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Muyfa666: As far as I can tell, the best modern way to experience these great games are as follows:

MG1 and MG2:SS - Emulated PS3 versions (or possible emulated PS2 versions)
MGS1 - Emulated PS1 version with Beetle HW Plugin
MGS2 - Xbox One X (backwards compatible)
MGS3 - Xbox One X (backwards compatible)
MGS:PW - Xbox One X (backwards compatible)
MGS4 - PS3 (kind of not modern now but eh)
MGS5 - PS4 Pro (or possibly PC with a high end rig)
MG:Survive: Nope
I have RTX 2060, 16 GB of RAM, and a 6-core CPU, and MGS V ran fluidly in 60 fps and ultra settings.

So do you think PC versions of MGS 1 and 2 are bad?
I wouldn't say the PC versions of MGS1 & 2 are bad (with official and unofficial fixes), but they are inferior to the almost perfect console verisions, and since MGS 2-3-PW are BC on Xbox, that is a really good modern way to play them.