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"Dash to Kunikov" mission will NOT complete!

"Destroy the gun detatchment" objective kept on succeeding and then re-appearing, and failing, and succeeding, and re-appearing at total random throughout the match. I ended up with multiple copies of this objective the list.

Then the "Bring the wounded to Major Kunikov" would NOT trigger. And when I did do this, or what I thought was doing this, as I could see no obvious "wounded", it just decided to fail it! Being a primary objective this was "mission failed" overall!

"Drive the Germans from their positions" would also NOT trigger. Even though there was not ONE German left.

Absolute total and utter bugfest! A 100% broken, un-completable mission!

Tried it a second time and the same result!!!!!

This brings "Men of War : Red Tide" to an premature end! I now cannot continue. The cheat mod I have conveniently elected to omit an "auto win" cheat. I have found no savegame in which all missions are unlocked for Red Tide, anywhere online. So that's it. Game over. And rest assured, "Red Tide" WILL be getting a VERY negative review off me!

Unless one of you can upload a savegame!
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