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I have Win 7....I can not load either quick saves nor saves done in the war room. I had no problems when playing the allied assult (thank goodness). I have about 1 T on the hard drive, i 5 intel, nvidia w/ about 1 G. I tried the verify/repair option in galaxy. No change.... If you suggest uninstall/reinstall, is better to do this in galaxy or in window's uninstall? I checked my firewall and in said that the game was an approved access. When I complete the parts in the mission (normandy), they are there in the load/save/delete file in the war room, but no quick saves. When I push f-5 the screen says game saved, but no it isn't.

I could not finish Moh AA in the very last run out the building, could that prevent me from playing the Spearhead and Breakout properly?

I am sorry that I got no response. I uninstalled/reinstalled thru galaxy. Thanks anyway.

I found this problem was reported on other websites....I finished the section in godmode until I could reload from a autosave or quick save.
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