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This is actually my third copy of MoHAA. I bought my first copy back when the game came out, and then bought the Warchest as a cheap and convenient way to get the two expansions.

With each of these I was able to install as an Admin, but run and configure it as a User.

However, with the new GOG version, I find that, while it's happy to create save-games for me when I run as a User under XP, it won't save changes to the config file.

As far as I can see, this is because the unnamedsoldier.cfg file (which stores config settings) has been included in the installation, and so is owned by the Admin who installed it. I deduce this because, as a User, I can't delete or rename the file, and the file date is 20 August 2012, way before I installed the game.

This file should not have been shipped in the installed package, as it should be created by MoHAA when first run.

I have confirmed that, by deleting unnamedsoldier.cfg (as an Admin) and then running MoHAA as a User, MoHAA will then create a config file that will save changes.

So, for those running as a User under XP, there's now a way to save your preferred changes to the game. For those running as User under 7 or Vista, you'll presumably need to run MoHAA with Admin rights if you don't want to follow the steps I've shown.

For GOG, the installer package needs to be updated to remove the unnamedsoldier.cfg file.


The same problems hold for Spearhead and Breakthrough, which have unnecessary config files also.
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