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Game won't let me choose "Model Details: High" or Medium. Have to use Low. But game runs.



I'm trying to install Pacific Assault via Crossover for Mac. I see that other people were able to do this a few years ago.

I'm asking here in the hope that someone else has done this recently on a newer Mac, running Sierra.

Here's what happens. Everything seems to go fine with the GOG installer, just as with most other games.

But I get a pop-up with an error just before the game finishes installing:

Runtime Error (at 53:599)

Then another error window:

Runtime Error (at 181:800)
Out Of Stack Range.

Then another error window:

Runtime Error (at 181:806)
Out Of Stack Range.

Then the installer tells me the game was installed successfully. So I exit the installer.

I then run the game, and the config window comes up. I leave things at the default settings:

Vertical Sync on
Textures Very High
Compressed Textures
Model Detail High
Hardware Shaders 2.0
Decals on

Looks good. My system's an 4GHz i7, 16GB RAM, Radeon R9 M395X w/4GB and should be able to handle this like it's nothing. I can play a lot of the other Windows games from GOG, so this should work, right? Um...

I click Play...and the game launches to the EA logo...and then the screen goes black. And the game sits there. Black screen, Crossover's Wineloader running at 200% according to Activity Monitor. But nothing is happening.

I've only managed to get the game to launch once, in Safe Mode (640x480, lowest settings possible, ugh). But on a big screen that kind of sucks.

Any help would be appreciated if you've been able to run MOH:PA on a modern Mac running Sierra.

Thanks in advance!
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