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As you all know, since Gamespy died in 2013, the master server which provided the list of available MOH servers stopped working. Fortunately, an alternate community has emerged and provides its own masterserver. And you can have it working ingame, just like in the good old days !

To do that, you need to replace a string in the game's executable binary :

1/ Install a hexadecimal editor. For example Ghex on Unix, Frhed on Windows − both are free and libre softwares.
2/ Go to the game directory.
3/ Backup the executable MOHAA.exe in case you mess up.
4/ Open it with the editor and don't panic at the sight of all these numbers.
5/ You can see that wherever you click on either panel, a second cursor moves to equivalent place in the other panel. So that you can edit on text or hex mode. Click on the panel where data is interpreted as text − generally right panel.
6/ Search for string "", and replace it with "", by writing in text panel.
7/ Add "00" in hexadecimal mode at the end of your string, to mark its end − as the strings are not the same length.
8/ You will find two occurences of said string, replace again.
9/ Save & run executable as usual.
10/ Repeat procedure for moh_spearhead.exe and moh_breakthrough.exe.
11/ Don't cheat and try to be respectful online.

Side note : yes, MOH works on Unix using wine, with a few minor bugs.

Maybe admin can stick this post as there doesn't seem to be any similar. And no need to maintain server lists anymore.
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