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My friends and I have recently rediscovered this game, and are having a *lot* of fun with it. We've been getting together for LAN evenings with our laptops, a router, and a Windows box as the server. Have a great old time shooting one another, and getting murdered by bots.

I can set up a server and run it on a LAN absolutely fine. I can connect whether I set it up dedicated or not. I can connect fine whether the server is a Windows PC, or a Mac running Paul the Tall's wrapper version of MOHAA, or a Mac running the original version of the game that I picked up years ago. No problems here at all.

However, for the life of me I can't figure out how to set up a server that we can play on via Internet. When I try to connect from the Internet, I get a server connection timeout message. I've done extensive googling on decade-old forum threads, and the only advice for this situation seems to be:
1) "Have you got the latest version of the game?" - I'm assuming the GOG version is that latest, my Mac version definitely is, and the fact that we can connect via LAN suggests this isn't an issue.

2) (convoluted & involved discussion on port forwarding) - I have my router firewall turned off, my Mac firewall off, and the Windows firewall off, so ports etc. should be irrelevant, yes?

I have a static IP. I can connect to other existing servers around the net OK. Is there anything blatantly obvious that I'm missing for why I can't set up an internet server?
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