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abbayarra: Is tropical 1.38 ready for prime time? Which mod should I go with for Moo3? I'm looking for true to original intent as possible.
JosEPh002: Down load Bhruic's MoO3Patcher and the Patches that are Listed as patches. There are Some that are listed as Mods.

There is a >DLL 1.67 that Must be installed 1st before you can apply any patch. The .DLL makes the patches usable.

The Location for getting this MoO3Patcher is. LINK is Bad.

This system fixes all the major "bugs" that Quicksilver and Atari let ride thru. It makes MoOIII enjoyable and very playable for those that did not give up on III. It is also the base for all the Mods posted/talked about here in previous posts.

I personally have a Mod listed at The Master of Orion Guardian site . It is called the Random Gov't mod. Many of the Mods posted about are also found at the Guardian. Plus many of the early Mods for III. Otsego's Diplomacy Mod is a Must have. His Otsego 0.85 is also a very good Mod coupled with using bhruic's Patcher.

Been playing and modding MoOIII for 13 years now. Was a very active AtmoO forum member for almost 7years (before Atari pulled the plug on us! :( )

The Gog version here will take all these Mods and the Patcher. When I upgraded to win 10 x64 my original CD set would not work. So I bought Gog's version and put it to the test. Works just fine on win 10 x64.

JosEPh (AtmoO Keeper of The Roll Call)
here are my settings, three seconds flat it starts up
untitled.png (20 Kb)
where the hell did you people found those DLL 1.67 and tropical 1.38?

i only saw 1.60 DLL and tropical 1.21

Ok, i found it on danib site.-.. well at least 1.38
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