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Yes, curse your obnoxious humility! ...
rayfowler: I insist that you recalibrate your definition of amazing.
Engerek01: Why? Dont you like that I find a modern MOO amazing? It is my favorite game of all time and you made it even better. However if you dont like my way of speaking i can easily stay away.
No, I'm just taking that anything that takes me an hour to do (i.e. adding player choice for colors) is probably not that amazing. ;)
Hey guys, I've decided to make the development build (not an Alpha!) available through the month of December for anyone who wants to see the current progress on the way to the next Alpha in 5-6 months.

Read more about it here:
Hey everyone, the latest Alpha of Remnants is now available. Two more races (Sakkra & Darlok), revamped UIs, plus new artwork for the GNN & Galactic Council screens.

If you are a fan of the original Master of Orion, you might like this game.

Download details and an information video can be found here:

I would appreciate feedback and comments!
Alpha 4 is now available. The Mrrshan have been added and a lot of user interface improvements.
For the record, Alpha 5 (atm at 5.17) is up, and running quite stable,
Ray Fowler is releasing the updates for reported bugs very fast.

Tactical combat is integrated, afaik some graphics are not yet final
and the game may also need some minor adjustments,
but i can honestly recommend it not only for playtesting purposes but also in general,
because regarding in what development state big companies usually sell games,
the current RotP alpha should be rated as medium to late beta.

Silicoids rule!
Remnants of the Precursors is now available on

Alpha 5.18 with new Sabotage UI is out!

This patch has the Sabotage UI update but is being released earlier than planned to fix a Next Turn bug for one player.

Alpha 5.18 changes:

* Updated Sabotage UI is now in the game

* Race names are now overridable in the Remnants.cfg file. This is just some anticipatory groundwork to lay in case we ever receive any IP objections over the race names. You can edit this config file and change race names, if you like.

* Fixed a Next Turn crash caused when an AI wanted to send a bombing fleet to an enemy colony, but unbeknownst to the AI, that colony had already been destroyed by another empire before the AI could get a new view. This is severe because it prevents the continuation of the game. (Severe)

* Redirecting a retreating fleet will no longer equip ships with a portable stargate that slingshots them to their destination in a single turn.

* Ships equipped with a zero quantity of weapons will no longer trigger as "armed" when the check is made over whether a system can be scouted by orbiting fleets

* If you have Thorium Cells, the Design UI will now show the range as "Unlimited" instead of "99999". Nobody needs to know how the sausage is made.

* Corrected some text substitution issues in some of the AI dialogue

* Navigating on the main map with function keys will now properly re-center the map on the selected system or fleet

* Fixed an issue where the Next Turn processing overlay would display over the ship combat prompt
Here's 1 hour of Alpha 5.18 gameplay footage by XTRG
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I tried Remnants of the Precursors after playing MOO1 and ROTP is way better.
The Beta 2 has been out since Christmas and has been receiving a ton of player-requested updates and features.

If you haven't tried ROTP in a while, this might be a good time to take a fresh look at all of the changes.

As always, it's still a free download. Let me know what you think!