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Hey everyone!

We were having a discussion about most used galaxy sizes and decided to do a poll. So if you play MOO2, please take a vote here. Multiple options are selectable!
What for a surprise :D

Huge in the moment far in the lead: 69 votes.

Sometimes I wish there could be more with kind of strategic blockages in between (like nebula or similar). But AI can't really handle it anyway.

I am only surprised that small is so small :D
Only 8 votes, used to be the 'standard' for MP (online), but I guess not a lot of MP anymore.

And Alex, >>IF<< you only posted it here on GOG, already 110 votes!!!!!

THAT really surprises me ;) (Although no wonder that MoO2 is still THE reference for 4X games :D :D :D :D :D )