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Fresh install of MOO1 - playing a Medium / Average game as Darloks. Everything was fine but at some point in the mid-to-late game I get a freeze. No error, no nothing.

I hit end turn and the game just stops. Graphics are still showing but completely unresponsive except for the mouse cursor "hand" which I can still move. Can't press any game buttons (i.e., Game; Design; Fleet, etc...) no response. Pressing keyboard keys does nothing. I am forced to hit Ctrl-F9 to close out Dosbox.

I'm not finding anything on this bug.

Even updating to the 1.4m unofficial patch from Realms Beyond doesn't fix the issue.

Is this a known bug? Any way to get around it?

I uploaded my saves if anyone wants to give them a try:

savegame Game 002 is the last turn before the freeze happens.

Thanks in advance!


edit: I guess I never realized GOG forums don't let you bump your own post so I'm forced to edit my original post.

Are the lack of responses due to a failure on my part to supply information or are people stumped as to the problem?

I should have said I'm on Windows 7 64bit (but considering I don't have problems with any other DOSbox games I didn't think to include this information)

Does anyone know if this is this a known issue with MOO1? Just confirmation of that would help immensely.
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Can the mods delete this post? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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Sorry but no ideas what could cause that :-(

EDIT: Having used the unofficial patch for too many years I forgot about this bug.
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yep this happens to me too, right near the end of a game when things are starting to look good for me :(
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Hey, I now remember one possible reason. You must never save with a nebula visible on the map.