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Basically, I meant that the reference card PDF that is in Mater of Orion 1 folder is lacking all images. Unless I am wrong or have some problems with what I see. See for yourself:

The most similar are Kraken and Cheetah, but I doubt it is one of them since although they are similar they don't look the same. Also I have found some black and while copy protection images on Internet and they have more ships...

By "ruins game" I mean that it has DRM and if you enter wrong answer it makes the game a lot harder as far as I know.

It seems the included PDF has only 38 ships while the game DRM asks about 40 ships images. The manual does not have all the images and so the reference card. Google shows According to the image it is Titan (and the PDF does not have it...). Also this GIF not only has all ships, but is a lot easier to check since it shows page numbers.
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I remember well that the Titan was missing from there and I used to have that reference card with the titan added by myself to it BUT GOGs version of Master of Orion (the first game) should not need the check. I think it was made so that you may click on any ship image and that will count as the right one.

On a side note: you can upload small pictures straight to the forums.
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