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These titles are classics that all game collectors and affectionates should have in their collection.
Master of Orion was THE father of all 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) games. It combined empire management with tactical combat and spruced it up with a comprehensive diplomacy and spying system.
As all great games, it was easy to play, hard to master. For its time it had good (now laughable basic) graphics, but the design is still exemplary and something that many games designers can only dream of living up to.
As one of the first games to support sound cards the music and sound effect are basic, but hold immense nostalgia value.
Master of Orion 2 took a good game, and added a little twist - a bit more history, more races, more options, more involved combat. All in all a game just a tad more complex. It also has (a know also outdated) but excellent hand-drawn SVGA graphics with more detailed designs.
Opinions differ as to which is the *purest* 4x game (both of them were so good), yet everyone agrees that these *ARE* the etalons to which each and every other game are measured.
If you think an old, game with "basic" graphics can't hold your attention...
...well maybe not. It's not flashy, it takes time and effort to win a game and the game definitely *won't* hold your hand.
On the other hand, so much effort has went to these games, there is so much detail and finicky tuning that you might miss on your first play through that once hooked you'll be a orion fanatic for life.