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Hi all, I am playing the classic MoO1 as purchased in the Master of Orion package. The game just presented me the copy protection window, where I am expected to identify ships. No helpful informations seems to be included in the Docs distributed by

Searching this forums I get contradictive results. Some posts imply that has disabled the copy protection and you can choose whatever ship you want without any issues. Other posts speak about the game screwing the player over after giving the wrong answer.

What I want to know now is: Do we know if the copy protection is disabled?

If yes, why is it not documented? If it is documented, where?

If no, how am I expected to pass the copy protection without the necessary documentation provided by

Thanks in advance.
This question / problem has been solved by Themkenimage
If you are NOT playing the GOG version, it will indeed screw you over if you supply the wrong answer. I have GOG's version installed right now and wilfully clicking on the wrong ship picture still gets a pass. I have had non-GOG version installed, probably still have on some HD somewhere, so I know clicking on the wrong ship there ended the game.

If you do not trust my word, maybe some others can be bothered to come in and agree with me.

Oh, and if you want an official word, you will need to send in a ticket to support.
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Themken: Oh, and if you want an official word, you will need to send in a ticket to support.
You are absolutely right. I got in touch with support and indeed, the copy protection scheme has been disabled for MoO1.

Thanks, for your answer.
There is a manual included in the documents from gog that has the answer to which ship is on which page. I know because I did not know till now that particular protection was disable so I've always looked it up.. glad I came across this or I may have never known. Thanks