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We all agree that this is a great game. I bought it day one on Xbox 360 and then bought it again later on Steam (before it came to GOG). I love this game. Seeing it on sale, I figured that I would buy the GOG release so I would (finally) have it DRM free and also so I wouldn't have to install Steam on my crappy little Haswell laptop.

Unfortunately, I find that the Remastered version is the only one available now, and what's worse is that it says it doesn't support Linux! Googling shows that the original, DLC, and the Special Edition version *used* to exist on GOG but it was removed after Remastered came out. :(

I love that Remastered exists, but come on Klei, show us some love here. Remastered runs *terribly* on older hardware. It also has GBs of high quality assets that I don't need on a system with a 1360x768 display. :P

So how about just giving owners of Remastered the old SE installer files as bonus content? By bonus content, I mean what's listed as "Goodies" on the GOG store, or "Extras" in Galaxy. There have been other games that have done similar things. Games like Stronghold HD, Vertical Drop Heroes HD and Broken Sword II Remastered all have the original versions as a bonus. There is definitely a standard that has been established for it.

By doing this, you don't have to actually *support* the old version, but it is still available for people to use and enjoy... which is one of the reasons why many of us use GOG.
It's a solid idea. Is there a wishlist for it yet? If not i encourage you to throw up a wishlist post for it and we'll see how much interest it garners, and, in turn, if that gets anything done.