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10/10 for a quality DRM FREE GAME. that will not allow marketing and or unknown spurious data downloads as I got with steam with the offline function never working.
As I've lost all my games I've paid for with Steam. I rather missed Napoleon total war on full graphic settings. Some games I've re-bought with,
While Manor Lords appears to be a more localised warfare, building, strategy game etc with historical realism.. I'm hoping it will also be covering a larger landmass as states sandbox and open world ? i.e. The new Stalker 2 when it comes out is open world claiming 64km area- it has tech upgrades strategy etc of course apart from the historical terrible Chernobyl aspects the game becomes science fiction as such. I'm hoping the battle scenes are far better than the total war series in every way with more AI intelligence and less duplicated ( facial ) characters. I see the clip of a men moving forward but would like to see more of the AI in the actual battles play out in ways Total war cant do.

From the little I've seen this game looks stunning I hope to play in 4K pure eye candy. While Organic, freedom of placement even the reality of a pyrrhic victory is considered outstanding.

So Franconia Late 14th Century is very interesting period no obvious leader and not covered ever before as far as I know in a game. Chivalry was ending so are the troops, peasants, mercenaries, Knights ( shire horses ? ) a mixture,
King Maximilian ?.

As Franconia pre Germany is land locked this probably wont happen You never know though with a future DLC.- But if the game expands as it should maybe just maybe to other territories in the future to the coast. Yes I'm talking sea battles as enjoyed in Napoleon total war which did have historical accuracy via actual ship plans and the visual deck work and- cannon activity is what made this game and would be a great DLC. Of course there wont be HMS Victory but other ships of the period ? longships- Tudor ships.? Maybe wishful thinking. Will the time line evolve with new technology in the future. Manor Lords Started by a single developer amazing..*
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I switch 4 months ago to gog. when ever possible i buy the games on gog now and not on steam, ubisoft etc.... DRM Free is the main reason. I hate to see Ubisoft removing games like the crew and ppl wasted their money.
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