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Dears All,

work some weeks from now has been an hell and so I wasn't able to play the game.

With pleasure I discovered there are some new patches for the game, but dismay possessed me when I tried to install the patch, and it says that it is not compatible with my current version.

I have the 1.0.1 patch while the patch installer would carry me to 1.1.2.

My problem is that in my game's page I cannot find the 1.1.1 patcher, which is the one previous to the 1.1.2.

May someone help me?

Many thanks in advance.

P.S. = No, I'm not using GOG GALAXY.
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You're best off contacting GOG support to request the older patches.

evilfraser: Hi,

You're best off contacting GOG support to request the older patches.

Dear EvilFraser,

many thanks for your help, it's what I'm actually doing.

Unluckily the answer, for now, is a simple download again your entire game. Without any care about assuring I will be able to play with my outdated savefiles.

Or at least telling me they don't know that or even "No, we are sorry, forget your savegames because with all probability it's better if you consider them lost".

Anyway I wish to thank you for the time and the care spent to answering to my problem, it was mostly appreciated.

May the life always be gentle with you.

And with the GOG support members too.
Your save files should be compatible (It should load in everything from even as far back as version 0.1, though some things might be a little weird if you get that old a save loaded in) - if any of them fail to load after updating, please let us know.
new patch today