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We promised it would come and here it is, introducing the brand new Tzeentch Campaign!
This update completes the campaigns for the four chaos factions, bringing the Tzeentch campaign and new challenges for all Chaos captains as well as some other surprises for some of the other captains out there.

Tzeentch campaign!
Unleash the machinations of the Lord of All Fates as you rain magic down upon your enemies from your Great Winged Terror and recruit Lords of Change to terrorise the skies.

New magic weapons!
Chaos captains will find their legend grows as they burn their way through the old world.
As news of your triumph and favour with the ruinous powers reaches foreign shores it will draw forth powerful chaos lords wielding daemonic magic who will seek you out and test your worth.

Grail Knights!
For all your Bretonnian crews you can now recruit a Grail Knight. These guys are hard to find but worth the journey!

Full list of changes:

- Added Tzeentch start
- Added Lord of Change flyer to Tzeentch forces
- Added Grail Knights to Bretonnian crews (rare!)
- Added Chaos Daemon Sword, Filth Mace and Sword of Change, with accompanying quests to obtain for Chaos captains
- Updated Unity engine to v2018.3
- Anti-aliasing options adjusted: choice of TAA/MSAA/FXAA
- Adjusted firing angles for Great Winged Terror
- Tzeentch Bolts now fire as a burst based on energy rather than rapid-fire based on energy
- Adjusted stamina costs and regeneration speed
- Adjusted attack speed in melee combat
- Higher level enemy captains will be stronger in melee
- Strafing animations adjusted for characters in melee
- Improved effects of Whirling Dervish, Battle Rage and Ironskin abilities
- Fixed bug with ascenscion text for Slaanesh, Nurgle captains
- Fixed bug with characters occasionally running off the sides of ships.
- Other optimisations and performance tweaks

To get this update you'll need to switch to the Beta channel in your GOG galaxy client.

Open up GOG galaxy and click on Man O' War: Corsair.

Click "More>" next to Play and choose "Configure"

Change the Beta Channels selector to ON.
Choose "Public Beta" from the Channel dropdown.

Your game will now patch to the latest beta update.

Note: This is a large filesize update (we upgraded our game engine.....) but you should only have to download it once unless you switch back from beta to the default channel before we push it fully live.
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Thanks you guys for continuing (spelling?) to support the game, hope you do a corsairs 2 at some point ;)
thank you
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Update 1.4.1
- Prevented scythe blades from hurting your ship whilst dueling the enemy challenger captain
- Tower in Viadaza now slightly less immortal
- Reduced horror spawn rate
- Fixed bug with pink horror weapon equipping
- Fixes to tzeentch energy track UI
- Fixed a bug with model recycling and flame-affected texture
- Adjusted repairs slightly for dwarves
- Fixed bug with Ironclad not showing destroyed sections
- Chaos crew now consume provisions
- Added ability to sacrifice provisions for favour
Thank you for your support of the game. The patch looks great!
Thanks for working on those Upgrades/Updates!. I really appreciate the long time support even the Game was not an high big time seller on Steam or here on GoG.