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Chaos Campaign
Rampage through the Old World as a Chaos Lord leading an armada of beastmen, chaos spawn and cultists. Burn the ports to the ground and slaughter your way for the glory of Khorne!

Port Update
Visit the ports of the old world - when docking you'll now be able to walk around the town square. With this change, attacking a Port is now slightly more involved as you'll also have to kill the defenders before you can sack the town.

Melee Update
We've made some fairly substantial changes to how melee works under the hood (lock on is gone!), and added the ability to jump over to the enemy ship.

Full list of changes

- Enabled Khorne campaign
- Added Dark Elves
- Added accessible ports for players to visit and/or destroy
- Reworked port menus
- Reworked melee combat
- Adjusted attack times for melee attacks
- Lunge now only happens on a strong attack
- Strong attack is now mapped to Middle Mouse Button (and Tab) by default, rather than holding a left click
- Adjusted Campaign balance
- Can now board enemy ships.
- Adjusted weapon firing arrow to make it easier to determine long range shots
- Player's wizard only casts on enemies you have personally attacked
- Player's wizard will check allies are not attacking you before casting beneficial spells on them
- Player's wizard will only automatically cast wind master out of combat, to put wind to help player's direction of travel.
- Adjusted fire damage on characters
- Reduced frequency of flyer chatter (pegasus neighs)
- Game over screen no longer shows the megalodon if sea monsters are disabled
- Adjusted flyer AI to fix a number of issues
- Duplicate sea monsters removed
- All hands to the Cannons ability now allows turning while in use
- Ships can now fire/board with no crew, but suffer appropriate penalties for empty crew positions.
- Boarding UI counter now includes the captain, first mate and any special crew in the totals
- Target window will change to the most recently attacked ship
- Fix for character health UI vanishing mid-combat
- Ship AI no longer stops to try and fire its AA at other ships (duh)
- "Flyers only" party in the SE corner of the map broken up by Joint Tilean/Dwarf expedition. Few pegasi were harmed in this operation.
- Additional weights attached to port towers near Bilbali to prevent them floating off into the sea/sky.
- Increased the search radius for a number of chests.
- Increased damage and cost of Storm Strike and Spectre spells
- Player character can now wield longbows
- Player character guns can no longer defy physics and shoot things behind them
- Injured crew no longer break the tutorial
- Tzeentch ships no longer take flyers with them when they die
- Tzeentch ships drop cargo before vanishing
- Kills from a player's flyer correctly attributed to the player
- Reduced (incorrect) firing rate of Nautilus and Hulk

0.8.1 update:
- Reduced effect of windblast on Orc Ports
- Wind blast no longer lifts ships/pushes them underwater
- Added option in Game Options to auto-skip intro video
- Added option to disable gamepad input in controls (prevents phantom gamepad input)
- (NB: gamepads work in game to an extent but are not yet officially supported, soon(tm) now)
- Wizards now only cast spells on hostiles you have attacked
- Fixed bugs with hostages in quests
- Grapeshot now properly triggers aggression
- Fixed a bug that prevented heavy cannons doing proper hull (below the waterline) damage
- Fixed a bug with ram damage
- Can now order your fleet from the map screen
- Fixed some bugs with Raiders of Lyonesse and Raiders of Tobaro
- Ally fleet aggro is now sensible
- Can order an ally to move to a point on the map
- Allies show their current targets on the map
- Master of Shadows quest fixed for saves which started it before 0.4
- Fixed Bay of Quietude quest
- Increased bonus boarding distance from Causeway of Light spell
- Shields can now block bullets
- Allies should follow in formation better. Slow allies following the player get a speed boost to help them keep up.
- Can now dock at a port to loot as long as all towers are destroyed, even if enemy ships are nearby.
- Scrollwheel no longer changes weapon (use 1-4, or R by default)

0.8.2 update:
- Added ship upgrades to Shrine rewards for chaos campaign
- Fixed a bug with purchasing a ship or swapping a ship in the warehouse.
- Added more battle music
- Added an error screen if data files are missing/unreadable
- AI no longer sink surrendered ships
- Orders UI shows 'board' order correctly
- Chaos player allies no longer able to surrender
- Out of bounds message changed, AI that flees out of bounds will suffer a grisly fate
- Mutiny triggers the boarding UI and shows red healthbars on the mutineers
- Steering wheel should no longer turn by itself when noone's around to steer
- Added 'Attack my target' order for allies
- pre-0.5 orc ports will now be sinkable
- Fixed bugs in Shock treatment quest
- Camera wobble fixed on increased gamespeed
- Fixed bug which could cause the Hand of Mork to travel a vast distance with the player's ship
- Adjusted colliders in Maja Uvemny
- Radial menu no longer usable in town
- Fixed bug with title screen after quitting in port
- characters should now push past each other rather than get stuck
- crew no longer get stranded over the ocean occasionally on undocking
- Removed target practice in chaos campaign
- various optimisations
- Fixed bug which could cause player character's head to turn at an odd angle

- Killing sea monsters now grants favour with the appropriate power for chaos captains
- Fixed a bug with attacking the Pirate ports in imperial waters
- Characters on the fighting tops can no longer cower endlessly
- Multi-shot guns no longer get a free reload by changing weapon
- Changing from one reloading gun to another already loaded gun will no longer play the reload animation
- Fixed regression in 0.8.2 which broke the outfit screen for saved games
- AI ships get closer to port before joining in the attack
- Fixed a bug that could cause multiple ships to spawn in the same part of the docks
- Sacrificed crew will have their bodies cleaned up after a while
- Dead crew can no longer be assigned jobs
- Sacrificing no longer has a chance to injure crew
- Pressing escape to open the options menu now pauses the game
- Purchased maps will now be displayed immediately before leaving the tavern
- Fixed a bug with sacking orc ports
- Fixed a bug preventing firing in some cases
- Flyers and Seamonsters should no longer show crew/cargo
- Added an option to turn off blood effects (splats and blood on deck) - NB: won't remove any blood textures on models such as the Megalodon
Thank you very much. This game becomes a very good game warhammer. Walking around the harbor is a must.